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Tips For Keeping Your Bag Organized

Tips For Keeping Your Bag Organized 


Every woman who carries a purse knows that keeping it flawless is a feat, no matter how hard you try. Old receipts, notes, coins, lipstick, labels, and just about anything else you carry tend always to find their way to the bottom of your bag. It is impossible to find what you need. 


Carrying a huge bag full of crap is frankly quite uncomfortable, but it can also harm your body: Going around hefty bags can cause muscle imbalances and a host of alignment issues. 


Also, a messy bag can completely stretch supple leather and suede, but it can also – as crazy as it sounds – create a high level of unnecessary anxiety for you regularly. An overfilled bag can cause you to get your car keys or subway card later. 


Put your receipts and gift cards in a tabbed envelope. 


The best way to store all paper products neatly is to organize them in a specific place. If you choose to manage them alphabetically, by category (clothing, grocery, beauty), or by what they are (coupon, receipt, gift card), it will be easier to find exactly what you're looking for. This works just for cards that you don't carry in your purse but keep at home. 


 Put your headphones and chargers in a bag. 

Nothing is more frustrating than trying to untangle headphones and charging cables in the middle of your already disastrous bag. Keeping them in a tiny bag will make your life much easier. 


Take advantage of technology. 

When it comes to reading on the commute or vacation, download the book to your iPhone or tablet, so there's no extra weight and clutter in your bag. This also applies to planners and notebooks! 


Use compartment wallets. 

Instead of rummaging through your purse to find out where you left your driver's license and debit card, organize them in a wallet with a clear, simple, and easy-to-see organization system. This saves you time and energy because when searching for a particular card, you can search for the color or the logo as it will show you previews of all your cards as soon as you open the wallet. 


Clean up the trash at the end of each day. 

The hardest thing about owning a regular bag is keeping it bulky. Commit to throwing away any stray receipts, garbage, or wrapping paper that may have gotten into your purse during the day, and put away any coins. Do this every night, and your bag will always be organized. 

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