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7 Items Every Wardrobe Must Have


7 Items Every Wardrobe Must Have

The bag is one of the most functional, hard-working accessories in our closet. Handbags are protecting all our belongings from harsh weather, damage and most of them complete our style. However, it can be so hard to choose which model to buy. Here are seven types of handbags you should have.


Shoulder Bags

One of the most popular handbag options is a shoulder bag. You can find it in a variety of materials, designs, and shades. The shoulder bag is usually flat or rectangular, made of high-quality leather, and usually has double handles.


Sports Bag

It is an accessory that makes our life easier when traveling or going on a short trip. You will feel the ease of putting everything on your shoulder. When you need to carry your sportswear with you, you can easily fit your sports shoes. It seems like the best way to carry your essentials.


Cloth Bags

There are different styles of tote bags, available in many prints and colors. Some are similar to shoulder bags, like shopping bags, but are usually larger. The idea is to be able to easily fit a range of recently purchased items into such bags. It is almost always rectangular, with the bag greater in width than its length.



You can carry everything in your backpack and get rid of a boring shoulder bag. You can balance the weight of the items in your bag on both shoulders and look stylish at the same time. There are many styles and colors to suit every mood.


Crossbody Bag

It provides great convenience when you go somewhere at night. Often you can fit your makeup, bank cards, or hand sanitizer in these types of bags. It is a bag you need to look stylish and help you have a smooth night in the city.



Clutch bags are perfect when you are going somewhere at night or for more formal occasions. It is a favorite bag that you can find for every budget and personal taste. The only downside to clutch bags is the amount of space they have for your substantial items. You can take your belongings with you, such as your keys, cards, and phone. You should take into account that you can only carry a minimum amount of items.


Crossbody Bag

As we all know, these types of bags give you great freedom of movement when carrying your belongings. Sometimes it even looks a lot more stylish than a backpack. It should not be too heavy and should be medium in size.


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