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How to Keep Your Purses Clean

How to Keep Your Purses Clean  

The handbag you once loved gradually becomes stained and can become unusable before you even realize it. Neglecting the maintenance of your bag is a mistake everyone makes. If you have broken a piece of makeup before or if the ink has flowed into your valuable leather bag, it is extremely laborious to search for how to clean it in search engines. A scuff of mud, a lipstick stain, or a leaky juice stain on your brand new bag can ruin your day. To end this situation, we will give you some tips on how to keep your bag clean.

1. Clean up the garbage collected there every day.

In our daily life, we can all throw your grocery chips, snack packs or unfinished sandwiches in your bag. You have to clean up the trash in your bag daily before it becomes part of your bag after a while. Sometimes we have significant receipts to keep. You can keep them in your purse in a designated voucher zone for them.

2. Store items in small bags.

  Depending on the size of your bag, you can create a destined layout inside your bag. You can use small cases and wallets for this. Keep coins in your purse in a designated compartment or wallet. You can avoid mess and contamination of the bag in a short time by using small pencil holder-like bags. For cosmetics, pens, coins, and other small items. You can also carry a pencil holder for coops that can scratch your belongings or purse.

3. Quick response

Wipe your bag once a week with a microfiber cloth. You can use a few drops of liquid soap and lukewarm water to remove light stains. You can moisten the microfiber cloth with warm soapy water and remove the dirt on the bag without rubbing it. Try to wipe with circular and gentle movements, the surfaces of the bags are very delicate. You should pay special attention to the areas of the bag that are most touched, especially the arms, straps, and buckles. These areas are readily contaminating with natural oils on their hands. Avoid using bleach, vinegar, and baby wipes for the wipe. The chemicals in these products shouldn't be using especially for cleaning bags. Bags may damage the leather surface, cause the leather to dry, and cause oil stain problems.


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