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7 Tips On How To Take Care Of Your Luxury Bag

Girls love shopping but they mostly like shopping for bags. Just imagine, you buy a highly priced bag to look stunning among your friends but it ends up looking like a second-hand ugly bag. Spending lots of money on an expensive branded bag and get it ruined in a month can be the biggest nightmare of any girl. Can’t it be?
Let me share some tips with you to understand how you can take care of your luxury bag:

  1. Store Them Properly
    Let’s put first thing first, how you store your bag is the first cause of wear and tear. Often people prefer to hang up their bags in their closet, the weight of the bag and the things in it make its handle worse and worse.
    The best way to store the bag is to keep them in the upright position (maybe in a shelf or something) or if it has a top handle, lay it flat so that its handles do not touch the body of the bag.
  2. Keep The Dust Bag
    Most of the bags come with a dust bag. Don’t throw them away. Keep it! They are great to protect the bag especially when you are not using them. Always put the dust bag before keeping the bags in the closet
  3. Stain Is Pain
    Yes, you heard me right. STAIN IS PAIN. The stain is the biggest enemy of luxury bags. There is no tomorrow when it comes to stain. My only advice for you would be to remove the stain right away or as soon as possible.
    Here are some tips for you to remove the stain (depends on the source of stain and bag)
    • Baking soda or cornstarch can easily absorb the oil from the leather bag.
    • Food stain can be removed by white chalk. Just crushed some white chalk on the stain and wait 24 hours then remove it with a clean cloth.
    • To remove an ink stain or pen mark, you can use a white eraser or rubbing alcohol. JUST REMEMBER Ink stain is tricky, never ever rub forcefully.
  4. Use Bag Pillow
    Now, this is the most important tip to remember which usually people forget. Branded bags such as Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Dior, Hermes, and others lose their shapes over time without proper care and storage. People use newspaper as a filling which ruins the life of any bag because the ink can easily transfer on the lining of the bag and it ends up scratching your leather bag.
    But here is the solution, Zepmade satin bag pillow keeps your bag in its best shape with no worries at all. It preserves your bag’s shape, prevents creasing, and absorbs moisture. Investing in a bag pillow would be worth buying because it is a savior of your luxury bag.
  5. Use Care Product
    Everything requires some care so do the bag. I know it sounds surprising but it is true there are some products available in a market to take care of your bags. These products give newly bought shine to your bag.
  6. Handbag Organizer
    Ever happened, you were in rush and you could not find your keys or lipstick in your bag and at last, you had to take out all the stuff so that you could actually find what were you looking for?
    Well, you are not alone; it is a problem of many women but now you can finally get your messy bag in order with the help of a bag organizer. All you need to do is to insert the organizer in your bag, it has a pocket compartment where you can keep your keys, cellphone, cards, money, tissue or makeup.
  7. Avoid Water
    Last but not least, try to avoid the usage of water around your bag. If ever accidentally water has been spilled on your bag, leave it to dry naturally, and bring your bag to the professional for removal.

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