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How Well Do You Take Care of Your Bags?

We often neglect the things we need, such as our bags. Our bags, which we keep with us daily, contain the things we need on the go—considering the investments we have made in our savior bags. You can use them for a more extended period by taking care of them. Whether your bags are leather or fabric, we've explained below how you should take care of them. 

 1- Do Not Leave In Direct Sunlight 

Sunlight can spoil many items, including bags. Exposing your bag to direct sunlight can affect the color, texture, and shape of your bag. Instead, store it on a shelf out of the sun or in a closet. Cool, dry areas maintain the quality of most products. 


 2- Use Products Designed for Bag Cleaning 

The products produced for bag cleaning maintain the material quality. Different cleaning products will determine what type of material they clean. To find out what your bag is made of and get the right product to clean it. Would you mind avoiding using any cleaning products as they may damage the material of your handbag? Do not over-clean your bag as it may spoil the material as well. 


 3- Stuff Your Bag to Keep Its Shape 


Nearly all women love to have big bags, but they also require a bit of maintenance compared to smaller loads. To preserve the shape of your bags, we recommend that you fill them when not in use. You can fill it with tissue paper or newspaper. 


 4- Clean Your Bag 


Gently hand wash the nylons with mild soap, rinse with water, nearly dry with a large clean towel, and air dry for several hours. For leather bags, you should mix a solution of warm water and dish soap, dip a soft cloth into it, wring it out and gently wipe the leather surfaces. Use a second clean, damp cloth to wipe off the soap and then dry it. Warm, soapy water also helps remove water spots and scratches. 


 5- Don't Hang Your Bags 

If you are hanging your bags, the weight may cause wear and tear on the handles. We recommend that you put your bags on a shelf in your home. 


 6- Use Bag Organizer 

We put a lot of stuff in our bags during the day. We use items in our daily lives that can damage food, make-up materials, keys, or our bags. If you want to protect your bag, you should buy a bag organizer right away. 

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