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Luaggage Organizing Tips

Most people don't think much about packing before they travel. Travelers often pack their luggage the night before travel, and packing becomes stressful. 

Especially if you travel frequently, you can relieve a lot of stress by maximizing the space in your suitcase and minimizing the weight of your suitcase. 


We will share the best ways to pack your luggage to save time and effort as you prepare for your trip. 

 1- Choose the right bag for your trip. 

Different trips require different suitcases. Consider the type of bag that is best suited for your trip. Are you going on a short trip? If so, you can take a smaller bag with you. 


You may be a little undecided about whether to use a hard-covered suitcase or a soft case. It is also a matter of personal preference. Some prefer hard-shell bags for their chic vibe and many design options. While that's a valid reason, a hard-shell suitcase has other pros as well. For example, a hard shell provides better protection for the items inside. Compared to a softcover, it is more resistant to water and more challenging to break. 


But here is where a softshell reigns: flexibility. If you tend to overpack or want to bring home some souvenirs, a softshell allows you to crush more items than a hard shell. 

 2- Put the heaviest items at the bottom of the bag and the lightest items at the top. 

 Always place heavy or oversized items at the bottom of the suitcase. It will make it easier for you to find your items and prevent heavy objects from crushing and damaging lighter items such as souvenirs or cosmetics. 

Put light items such as stylish shirts on top. In this way, you distribute the weight evenly and prevent light clothes from creasing. 

 3- Place breakable items in the middle of the suitcase.  

This way, you reduce the chance of breakage. If you want, you can also wrap them around T-shirts or other clothing for added support and protection. 

 4- Take a plastic bag with you for dirty shoes and laundry.  

Keep some plastic bags with you to put your muddy shoes and laundry. This way, you don't need to make an extra bag for your dirty items or dedicate a part of your luggage to filthy clothes. You can use shopping bags, small trash bags, or even shower caps for your shoes. 

 5- Plan your outfits to fit your schedule.  

Think about what you will do during the trip and choose clothes that fit your schedule. For example, if you want to spend most of your time at the beach, focus on swimwear and light clothing. But if you're packing for a business trip, you may want to focus on more professional items like shirts and jackets. If possible, plan each day. Take your combinations with you instead of individual pieces. It will help you decide which pieces to take with you. 

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