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Match Your Handbag With Your Clothes

Match Your Handbag With Your Clothes 

A bag can be the perfect accessory. Most women have more than one handbag that they use for different occasions and color schemes. But some women don't coordinate their bags with what they're wearing. So we researched how well your bag should match your outfit. 


Does your bag have to match your outfit? Your choice of the bag depends on your lifestyle, but your purse should match your style and personality, not just your outfit. 


Things to consider when choosing a bag: 


  • Patterns on your clothing 
  • If your outfit is casual or formal 
  • Office, shopping, casual, stylish, formal, semi-informal, gala, red carpet - what you wear and what bag you carry with you depends first and foremost on occasion. 


Generally speaking, large bags add soothing air, while small bags add sophistication. Therefore, large bags go with casual wear while small bags go with formal wear. Leather clutches are classic, bags and bags are practical. Cross-body bags are comfortable. Decide on the look you want. And carry the load that reflects it. 


A basic rule to remember is that you should always wear one neutral color. Typically, people pair their handbags with the shoes they wear. If you are wearing gray shoes, you can choose a bag with fun colors or designs. An outfit with many solid colors can easily be polished with a nasty that has texture or an extra pop of color. 


Another rule is to choose your bag according to the situation. A rugged bag is suitable for a business suit. This look is good for business and allows you to have more options for more stylish bags. 


Additionally, you should probably avoid a rugged bag with a more casual outfit. If you like to wear every day or soft flowing clothes, your bag should match the look. This bag is too boxy and challenging for this sporty outfit. 


  • Dark and robust colors are suitable for black bags. Depending on the tone and shape of the shoe, it can be sticky but also look good. If the bag is black, you can wear a brown belt, but shoes of another color. 


  • Go with a black outfit if it's a formal event, but try something bright like a white jacket if it's less formal. But most importantly, it depends on how you feel. And don't use it if you feel awkward. 


  • You can bring a printed bag for black and white outfits if the palette of clothes is similar. For example, if you are wearing a black dress, it is okay to carry a leopard print bag in white, black, or even cream tones. 


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